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Website overhaul

Hey there, on this blog post I wanna talk a bit about my current website overhaul. First impression arriving on my current site would be “Hell yeah, chaos and mayhem everywhere !!!!”. Whether you’re a newcomer or a familiar of my little blog, you may rightfully wonder what the heck has happened recently. And you’re right, ‘coz there’s a lot happening behind the scene !


How I feel when I look at the actual version of my website xD (lovely meme by Wingwire)

Continue ?

My blog has lived a life on it’s own for the last months. This situation was caused by a nice big work tsunami I experienced for a few years in a row. At that time, I was launching a business with my partner so I couldn’t save myself some time off to work on my Geekhime project. Except if I was willing to sacrifice some hours sleep on the few left over… but sorry gals and guys, nope, nah, not possible ! As a result, I was wondering at some point if I should just shut it down…

Continue Street Fighter 2 Chun Li
Continue ? Chun Li’s continue screen from Street Fighter 2

Good news is that now our business is rolling, I can spend more time on my own project again !! This fills me with joy and satisfaction above all, as much as drinking or eating quality chocolate, tea, coffee, chocolate, tea, coffee… erm, well you get the point ^^ (I’m not obsessed with any of those)

So yes, I’m gonna press that fictive “start” button in my mind and continue the adventure with my Geekhime project ! PUSH START !!!

New game +

After finishing a game, developers sometimes chooses to include a New Game + as title screen option (mostly in rpg games as it appears). I’m a huge rpg lover and in the context of this website overhaul, it symbolizes the fact of starting this anew, with more passion and ambition than even before.

Obviously, the first most noticeable thing is the language change from French to English in this website overhaul. It’s currently pending work. For the other points, here’s a little (non-exhaustive) list of the big changes my website is undergoing:

  • Content organisation and categories changes
  • Adding other content type (videos and streaming mainly)
  • New portfolio galleries
  • And much more coming soon !! :))

So gals and guys, please consider this as my own New Game + version of Geekhime being materialized little by little ! Thanks for your support, stay tuned and bare with me for a little bit more !!! <3


New Game + anime about video game industry
Don’t do like our friend Google, “New Game +” and “New Game !” are totally different things ! ;p If you didn’t knew, New Game ! is a yonkoma and anime about the video game industry. I had to watch this show ofc hehe It’s rather a funny and cute slice of life show to watch (aside from that harem/lolicon thing we see now everywhere in nowadays anime =.=;)

Image credits : Ragnarok Online – Gravity Corp. / Street Fighter 2 – Capcom / New Game ! – Shōtarō Tokunō

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