Inktober 2018 7 & 8 Sleep Kirby

Inktober 2018

Well well, October is back there again and so it’s time for Inktober 2018 challenge ! Until now I have never had the time to participate in this interesting challenge.

So this year, I’ve decided to give it a go as I finally can free some time for drawing (yay for me!). I’m so excited to take part in this as it is a great opportunity for me to pump up my inking skills as well as to draw something that I enjoy (as opposed to draw something for work).

Here’s the official Inktober 2018 prompt list taken from the official Inktober website :

Inktober 2018 prompt list

I’ll be sticking with this for this year as I don’t really have time to think of subjects, work is currently pretty demanding still. But one little fun addition I added for myself outside of the official prompts: my subjects will always be based on video games, anime or manga heroes and villains. Fanart FTW ! ^^

I’ll be updating this post every 2 days with a new drawing so stay tuned and while waiting don’t hesitate to leave your comment or check out my other illustrations

Update : Due to a sudden rise in work volume in my pro life, I cannot continue the challenge this year *sigh* Nevertheless, I’m glad I took part in it, it already taught me a lot of things and I’ll definitely take part in it next year again <3 Thanks to those who supported me 😉

Inktober 9th & 10th October

Inktober 2018 9 & 10 Chakuro Children of the Whale manga Kujira no kora ha sajou ni utau

Prompts: Precious and Flowing
Featuring: Chakuro from Children of the Whale manga from Umeda Abi (Japanese title: クジラの子らは砂に歌う)
Tools: G-pen & Maru pen for line art, Sakura Pigma Micron for the sand, Chinese Brush for the shadows, Chinese Ink.

Inktober 7th & 8th October

Inktober 2018 7 & 8 Sleep Kirby

Prompts: Exhausted and Star
Featuring: Sleep Kirby from Kirby’s Adventure
Tools: Chinese brush & Ink

Inktober 5th & 6th October

Inktober 2018 5 & 6 Link and Cucco Boss Legend of Zelda

Prompts: Chicken and Drooling
Featuring: Link from the Legend of Zelda : Link’s Awakening
Tools: Deleter’s Neopiko Line-3 Black set

Inktober 3rd & 4th October

Inktober 2018 3 & 4 Black & White Mages Final fantasy

Prompts: Roasted and Spell
Featuring: Black and White Mages from Final Fantasy Franchise
Tools: Chinese brush, Maru pen & Chinese Ink

Inktober 1st & 2nd October

Prompts: Poisonous and Tranquil 🍄😴
Featuring: Poison Spore from Ragnarok Online MMORPG
Tools: Chinese brush, Maru pen & Chinese Ink

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