Website overhaul

Hey there, on this blog post I wanna talk a bit about my current website overhaul. First impression arriving on my current site would be “Hell yeah, chaos and mayhem everywhere !!!!”. Whether you’re a newcomer or a familiar of my little blog, you may rightfully wonder what the heck has happened recently. And you’re […]

Inktober 2018

Well well, October is back there again and so it’s time for Inktober 2018 challenge ! Until now I have never had the time to participate in this interesting challenge. So this year, I’ve decided to give it a go as I finally can free some time for drawing (yay for me!). I’m so excited […]

Cover New3DS Super Mario Land

Voici ma petite dernière, une cover New3DS Super Mario Land ! 🙂 Super Mario Land, deuxième jeu auquel j’ai joué sur Game Boy, m’a indubitablement toujours attiré par son univers un peu barjo, souvent décalé et clairement à part de ce qui se faisait dans la série de jeux Mario jusqu’à présent.

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