Hi, I'm a Paris based illustrator. Huge video-games, sci-fi/fantasy & music nerd. 80's kid, part of the rare breed of real gamer woman.

Currently working as a freelancer and entrepreneur, my field of studies includes Art, Graphic Design and Web Developpement.

Geekhime is a side project I've been working on since 2014, modding and customising mostly Game Boy's and New3DS covers as well as creating original artworks and pixelart.

Game Boy Boo custom by Geekhime Custom Game Boy Tetris by Geekhime Custom Super Mario Land New3DS cover Custom Game Boy Color Link's Awakening Custom Blooper New3DS cover Custom Game Boy Pocket Megaman 4 Custom Pokemon second generation New3DS cover Hero of html5 game made by Geekhime Neko Ninja and the Robot Cat Clan Enemy of html5 game made by Geekhime Neko Ninja and the Robot Cat Clan 1st boss of html5 game made by Geekhime Neko Ninja and the Robot Cat Clan

Little Q&A time for Geekhime !

How do you pronounce your pseudo ??

As a long time geek, I've been into Japanese pop culture for a while, and my pseudo is a mirror of that passion. It contains two words, the English word "geek" and the Japanese kanji for princess 姫 "hime", to be pronounced "geekhimé". The meaning speaks for itself : princess of geeks ! (*^_^*)v

Can you speak Japanese ?

Yes, I do have the N3 level for Japanese language.

How did you got into video games as a girl in the 80's?

Back then gaming was a boy's affair only, gamer girls were as rare as some Legendary loot in MMORPG's or SS drops in Gacha games. But when I played Super Mario Bros on a NES at a friend's house for the first time, it was love at the first sight. My real gaming journey started at 7 yo when I received a Donkey Kong 2 Game & Watch and a Tandy Pizza Doublescreen, followed by a 'real' gaming console : a Game Boy DMG-01 ! <3 Since then, I've owned many consoles and PC's and never stopped playing !

Nintendo or Sega ?

Oh my, I was such a Nintendo fangirl back then !! XD Nowadays I don't have a particular gaming platform I prefer and go with the flow of releases that interests me lol

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